Sunday, March 29, 2009

Australian Verse Novels for Children and YA: A List

I'm endeavouring to compile a list of Australian verse novels for children and young adults. (I must add that I'm not ignoring verse novels for older readers or by writers from other countries - those lists will follow later). Unfortunately, my list isn't as long as I had hoped, but here goes:

A Dangerous Girl, by Catherine Bateson
His Name In Fire, by Catherine Bateson
The Year It All Happened, by Catherine Bateson
Farm Kid, by Sherryl Clark
Sixth Grade Style Queen (Not), by Sherryl Clark
What Does Blue Feel Like, by Jessica Davidson
Goodbye Jamie Boyd, by Elizabeth Fensham
Volcano Boy, by Libby Hathorn
A Place like This, by Steven Herrick
By the River, by Steven Herrick
Cold Skin, by Steven Herrick
Do-Wrong Ron, by Steven Herrick
Kissing Annabel, by Steven Herrick
Lonesome Howl, by Steven Herrick
Love Ghosts and Nose Hair, by Steven Herrick
Naked Bunyip Dancing,
by Steven Herrick
The Simple Gift,
by Steven Herrick
Tom Jones Saves the World,
by Steven Herrick
Ratwhiskers and Me,
by Lorraine Marwood
Against the Tide, by Irina Savvides
Muscle, by Matthew Schreuder
Nine hours north , by Tim Sinclair
The Angel of Barbican High, by Michelle Taylor
Jinx, by Margaret Wild
One Night,
by Margaret Wild

I am sure I have missed some. If you know of a chidlren's or YA verse novel written by an Aussie author or poet, please leave a comment below and I will add it to the list.

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  1. Thanks for your list. I am a huge fan of Aussie YA verse novels. I picked up some of these on a trip to Sydney. If you like Sherryl Clark's work you'll enjoy MOTORMOUTH. I'm glad you have Irini Savvide's Against the Tide on your list--I really enjoyed her writing. - Sarah Tregay